Jordan is a geek in his own right, but different. His first convention was Consonance 2007, and he was a football type geek in high school. While he didn't grow up in the science fiction realm like Kat, he did grow up around more computer oriented geekery. During his high school years, he was both on the football team and a geek; odd combination but very fitting for a member of the band. He seems to be enjoying himself in science fiction fandom, but had no idea folk dancing background would eventually lead him to a crazed hacker's band with a drummer's role. He gets a "feel" for songs, then is instantly able to develop a drum pattern for whatever he's listening to. Kat suspects it's a supernatural quirk of his, but there really is no evidence to prove it.

Q: What do you call someone who hangs out with a bunch of musicians?
A: The drummer.

The two drums you see by his side are the insturments of his trade, he also has a business card that reads "Have drum, will travel."