Kat Savitzky is primarily a college student, but in other news is also considered a geek; Kat Vignette
chainmail, science fiction, webmastering, and an amateur computer assembler. Her whole life has been spent in fandom, born during WesterCon 38 on Sunday. As you may have guessed, she is the older daughter of the band's founder, Steve Savitzky. This website was designed as a final project for a class recently completed at De Anza College.

When she's not in school, she tries to occupy her time with cartoons, computer games, role playing games, making chainmail, listening to music of nothing in particular, and wishing she was in Canada to be with her mate.

Her first experience with vocal recording was her father's most recent CD, Coffee Computers & Song, and has since been inducted into Tres Gique. She started as a drummer and occasional vocalist, then when Jordan was introduced to the band, he became drummer and she became a soprano with alto-range vocalist in addition to being made assistant webmaster of Tres-Gique.