This website is the public home page home for the filk band Tres Gique, consisting of Callie Hills, Steve Savitzky, Jordan Uggla and Joyce Uggla. In the past it has included Kat Savitzky, who is now the Webmistress-in-training.

Scene: Steve's workplace. People involved: Steve, the company bookkeeper (who share a birthday), and a co-worker. The occasion: Steve's birthday, two weeks after the first performance. Conversation: Steve and the company secretary sharing a birthday in the reception room. They talk about their individual plans, and one of Steve's co-workers walks in. "Steve, are you starting senior's group?" The wise old hacker looks to his co-worker and smiles "Hell no, I'm starting a band!"

This picture was taken by Sean Stirling during the concert at BayCon 2008. tres gique group shot Callie Hotspot Kat Hotspot Steve Hotspot Joyce Hotspot