Baycon 2009

This one ran for something like 40 minutes more than we'd originally been scheduled for, and ended up dragging in several songs we'd planned to do as part of the Tempered Glass concert on Saturday. Not that we complained, exactly.

1 [ogg] [mp3] Intro
2 [ogg] [mp3] Cicero in the 21st Century (Savitzky)
3 [ogg] [mp3] Ship of Stone (Simpson)
4 [ogg] [mp3] Will Ye Come Back Home? (Richards)
5 [ogg] [mp3] The Stuff that Dreams are Made Of (Savitzky)
6 [ogg] [mp3] Masquerade (Newman)
7 [ogg] [mp3] Nemesis (Rivkis/Droege)
8 [ogg] [mp3] High Barratry (Savitzky/Trad.)
9 [ogg] [mp3] No Quarter (Faber/Hills)
10 [ogg] [mp3] The World Inside the Crystal (Savitzky)
11 [ogg] [mp3] The River (Savitzky)
12 [ogg] [mp3] The Rambling Silver Rose (Savitzky)
13 [ogg] [mp3] Millennium's Dawn (Savitzky)
14 [ogg] [mp3] But wait--there's more!
15 [ogg] [mp3] Wheelin' (Savitzky)
16 [ogg] [mp3] Quiet Victories (Savitzky)
17 [ogg] [mp3] Vanguard (Rivkis/Hills)
18 [ogg] [mp3] The Owl and the Pussycat (Lear/Trad.)
19 [ogg] [mp3] Keep the Dream Alive (Savitzky)
20 [ogg] [mp3] Inherit the Earth (Savitzky)

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